Children’s Work

Academic Year 2016/2017

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Reading with Grandad Alan

In Literacy, one of the objectives the children need to be able to achieve is to join in with stories and poems both on their own and in small groups. Grandad Alan comes into the nursery each week to share different stories and poems with the children. The children love hearing Grandad Alan read and they join in really well with his stories. This really does help to promote the children’s reading and listening skills.

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Colour Mixing

As part of the curriculum, all of the children had great fun in exploring different colours and how they can be changed. First of all, they explored mixing paint in the builder’s trays and on paper using different materials. Then they tried mixing paint with their feet and walked on paper showing the new colour that had been made. This was very squishy and slimy but it was great fun. The children have a much better understanding of how colours change as they are mixed.

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Fruit Kebabs

In mathematics the children have been learning how to count up to three or four objects by saying one number name for each item. We did this when we made tasty and delicious fruit kebabs. We counted the different fruits one at a time as we put them onto the kebab sticks. When we had finished counting all of the fruits, we enjoyed eating them after. We really are super at counting! What a scrumptious lesson this was!

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Mathematics – Space, Shape and Measure

In Mathematics we did some super work when learning about Space, Shape and Measure. The children used mathematical language to describe position of the wooden blocks and tubes and then they explored different ways that they could send cars down the tubes and guttering. They noticed that the higher the guttering was positioned the faster the cars went.

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Previous Years’ Work:


The children have been sorting circles and printing with them. To make these beautiful paintings the children used a roller to create a background and their circles to make a pattern.

Curriculum areas: Creative Development, Maths (shape space) and Knowledge and Understanding.

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Children have been exploring the environment and looking at the changing colours that nature brings. Children were encouraged to record what they saw using materials available for their own interpretation of the visit.

Curriculum areas: Creative, Knowledge and Understanding of the World and Personal Social & Emotional (making choices).

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This artwork was created by one of our children who mixed different resources chosen independently, with confidence to access and use these resources. We arange our classroom and activities to enable children to experiment when accessing different resources of their own choice.

Curriculum areas: Creative and Personal, Social & Emotional Development (making choices), and Communication, Language and Literacy (mark making and awareness. of letters).

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Exploring numbers. Some children used number name an dnumbers, and some used these accurately.

Curriculum Areas: Maths and Creative Development.

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Mark making with a medium that allows the children to see how colours can be blended. Some children gave meaning to their marks and others intended marks with chalks.

Curriculum areas: Communication, Language and Literacy (mark marking, hand-eye co-ordination) and Creative.

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Showing an interest in ICT (computers), children have an idea and are able to work through a programme and print results—Following a process using ICT.

Curriculum areas: Knowledge & Understanding of the World and Physical Development (co-ordination using one handed tools, in this case the computer mouse).

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